Wednesday, October 27


This was bound to happen.

Given the amazing success of Aurorarama, the wildly inaccurate chronicle of our recent “poletical” turmoil written by a certain Jean-Christophe Valtat — every New Venice News reader knows who hides behind this transparent pen name—, it was only a matter of time before various subarctic penspushers, with moral standards as low as their latitude, flood the market with their own dubious versions of the tale, often maimed beyond recognition.

As its title eloquently indicates, The Auroraphone by Cyrus Cole (1890) does not even try to dissimulate its utter opportunism. It showcases a machine which, its excuse to communicate with Saturn nothwisthstanding, is a dead ringer for the Aurorarama: powered by the “tremulous streamers of the Aurora Borealis”, it eventually conveys reproductions of historical battles !

I hope that you are proud of yourself, Mr Cole. One can only wish that your own original ideas- — such as these artificial men called “dummies” revolting against their human creators— will be mercilessly pilfered in turn by hacks as unprincipled as you are.

Mikael Schmornoff