Wednesday, May 2


 Dear reader- if you are still, as we are, a bit grumpy about the election of the new regent-Doge, why not try and change your mind with the “dreampunk” cult-hit Aurorarama - the (largely fictitious but tolerably entertaining) story of last year's coup that dethroned the Council of Seven and brought us our Dauphin-Doges Reginald and Geraldine Elphinstone ?  Although it was only released in paperback  format yesterday, you would be well advised  to hurry while there are some copies left on the shelves, or while it is still authorized by the new administration: one can't really say that His Most Serene Highness Ole Peterswarden's cameo presents him in a flattering auroral light. 

The Citizens of New Venice flocking in mass to take heed of Mr Valtat's last "tweet".