Wednesday, November 3


This strange photographic image below, taken last week-end near the Black Cliffs by an amateur excursionist who wishes to remain anonymous, reached our office with the following commentary: “ It is probably Oene, the fabled fallen ‘Queen of the Arctic’ who is said to mislead travellers.”

Miss Leading, in the flesh

Perhaps it is her, Dear Mr. Anon,  although we can but wonder what the pole she was doing so close to our city: is she reduced, like a vulgar bipolar bear, to scavenge her sustenance from our garbage?  Or does she suffer  from boreedom to the point that she now occupies her week-ends  by misleading innocent sunday strollers instead of brave polar explorers?

Maybe you have been misled, Mr Anon. But less by Oene, I would suggest, than by attention-seekers of the Sybil Springfield Species, or by pranksters of the Lilian Lake League. 

Or have the suffragettes mutated into naturists ? If winter wasn't on his way, I bet that they would be more “excursionists” on Black Cliffs in the week-ends to come.

John Blank