Friday, November 12


This strange picture of a woman dancing on the snow has been taken from one of our new electricity-harvesting balloons, not very far from the Flagler Fjord Inuit settlement.
One more case of Oene sighting ? It seems to us that this dancer bears more than a passing ressemblance with former dancer  and polar pop star Sybil Springfield, once the eye-catching, ear-shattering leader of the Cliquot's Cub-Clubbers. As is well-known among those, well, in the know, she left the city right after the the restoration of Dauphin-Doges to follow her new lover, an Inuk hunter named Tiblit, to his Flagler Fjord igloo.

But once an artist, always an artist. It seems that she is now back in business, rehearsing for a new ballet with a strong modern flavor.

Sybil, in a trance

Unless she was just desperately calling for help...

John Blank